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Re: [computer-go] Super Ko on KGS ignores player to move

The Cotsen Open in LA, in which SlugGo played this year, is played
under ING rules.


On 15, Aug 2005, at 10:12 PM, David Fotland wrote:

Suicide is legal under ING SST rules. There was a program at an
Ing-sponsored tournament that did exactly that. it committed suicide
deliberately to win games, and it worked against at least one program. It
did not work in the game against Many Faces of Go, and the program author
looked dissapointed.

Ing sponsored the major computer go tournament for over 15 years, so all of
the older programs played by these rules, and I would conder them a major
rule set. The Ing foundation still sponsors many amateur tournaments with
these rules.

The ko rules in SST are interesting, since they try to be complete, without
introducing the problems caused by superko.

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