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[computer-go] Sixth KGS computer Go tournament

This is a reminder that the sixth KGS computer Go tournament will be this Sunday.

So far we have five entries for the Formal division and seven for the Open division. I am hoping slugGo will enter the Formal division - I have see it on KGS, playing 9x9 games and playing quite fast. I welcome two newcomers - AntIgo has entered both divisions, and Mango has announced its wish to enter both, but it has not yet told me the two handles it will be using, so I have only entered it for the Formal division until I hear from it.

Each division is scheduled as a round-robin, with the proviso that if there are more than eight entrants, it will be re-scheduled as a Swiss. But five of the entries in the Open division are from the same person - he has agreed that if there are more than eight entries for this division, I may withdraw some of his to keep the number down to eight.

Entries will be accepted up until 07:50 UTC (GMT) on Sunday morning - the games start at 08:00. For information on how to enter, see

Nick Wedd nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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