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Re: [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS

Peter wrote:
> 1. Unable to examine unfinished games.
> This is a basic restriction of KGS that I find quite annoying. Say I
> leave my program running on KGS overnight and go to check up on it in
> the morning. I will usually see that it has one or more unfinished
> games in its history. I have no way of viewing the unfinished games
> and therefore no way of knowing why the games were unfinished. I
> suspect that the opponent has usually escaped in a losing position but
> that is just speculation. It could have been a scoring dispute for
> example.
> I realise that this 'feature' is designed to stop cheating but to me
> the disadvantages seem to outweigh this factor. A determined person
> could still cheat anyway. If it really is undesirable to let the
> escaper load and view an unfinished game, then how about at least
> letting their opponent load the game?

This can be solved in a bot-specific way without affecting general KGS
policy. Add an option in kgsGtp to save game records locally. This has
the extra benefit of automatically building an archive of played
games. Also the implementation should save a complete sgf file at
every move, which allows easy analysis/debugging without waiting for
the game to finish.

As far as cheating goes, for bots there are much simpler and more
effective ways than analyzing an unfinished game record.

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