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RE: [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS


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 >William M. Shubert
 >#2 is indeed something that needs to be added to kgsGtp, but 
 >the problem is, how to get that message in? kgsGtp currently 
 >talks to KGS via its protocol, and to the engine via GTP 
 >streams, then it also writes its logs to stderr. There is no 
 >other input. Where should the command to exit after the end 
 >of the next game come from? Suggestions are welcome.
 >Chris' suggestion of refusing to support clear_board works, 
 >sure, but it seems like a bit of a hack to me and if somebody 
 >has a better suggestion I'd like to hear it.

how about gtp command kgs-another_game that is sent to the engine to make
sure it is interested in playing more? then everyone can implement the
mechanism of telling its bot not to play anymore the way is convenient for
him. the option with having a special kgs user seems like more work on the
server side, and is also more restrictive - with my approach i can think of
a couple of ways to stop my bot from, for example, my mobile while away from
computer, with kgs user i need to get to a computer with java installed,
even then it'll take 30 seconds at least, can't be done some time before you
actually want the bot to stop playing, etc.

  mike bazynski

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