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Re: [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS

drd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I've read your proposal, and all the responses so far
and I like your suggestion.
I would be perfectly happy if you implemented it as is.

You are not actually providing a game end function however.
This is fine with me, because I like that you are providing
a nice way to communicate with an engine WHILE it's running
and even for the engine to respond with a text message.

The game end procedure can be implemented without any of
the changes you propose, just by the engine author providing
a private way to communicate to his engine to stop the game after clear board. So Pete's point is well taken. But
I like that you are providing a general mechanism to handle
this, so I don't have to create my own mechanism.
- Don


I agree completely with Don.

Besides, as others have already suggested, I believe it would be very nice if the engine could talk in the game window. What I have in mind, in that the engine could write its evaluation and principal variation (or any kind of analysis data), after every move, during computer-computer tournaments. This behavior could be activated by a config-file option, and would consist in sending a special kgs command to the engine after each move, the output of which would be written to the game window. I believe that would make computer tournaments more interesting to watch.

Thank you very much for your efforts to improve kgsgtp.

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