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Re: [computer-go] Super Ko on KGS ignores player to move

On 8/13/05, John Tromp <John.Tromp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I fail to share your conclusion, which is based on an *ambiguous* commentary
> instead of the "official" rules text of Chapter 1.

That's fine, I didn't expect anything less from you ;-) We're both
biased anyway.

But let's try to be honest. Not just the commentary, but in fact the
complete text (as far as we know it through second hand translation)
is ambiguous and not up to standards of mathematical rigour for either
one of us to completely prove our point.

Regardless of that, I should probably stop participating in these
predictable discussions anyway. The only ones responding are the usual
suspects (although RJ has been silent so far), and I doubt many others
are interested in us repeating the same religious believes over and
over again.

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