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Re: [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS

I am not completely clear on this ... does your program naturally
terminate after one game and you must be watching to have it
restart? Or does it always terminate and then check the contents
of a file to see what it should do, and you overwrite the contents at
runtime when you want to terminate?


On 5, Oct 2005, at 9:54 PM, Chris Fant wrote:

#2 has a fairly easiy solution which I'm pretty sure I have mentioned
on this list before.  Here it is again:

Don't support the clear_board command.  Your program will terminate
when the game is over.  You then have full control over whether it
restarts or not.

In my setup, I can click on start.bat to start the engine and stop.bat
to neglect to restart the engine after the game is over.
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