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Re: RE : [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS :

In message <AB4F8A8225EE594BBE53BBBE962B9CDE02AF1973@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Chaslot G (CS)" <G.Chaslot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
1. Unable to examine unfinished games.
Once we get the "game end protocol" working, there should be many fewer unfinished games.

To get the protocol working, we need a conversation with myself, wms, and those who want to take part in test tournaments on the beta server, to agree on the times of these tournaments and get the players registered. I haven't seen much of wms lately.

Meanwhile, as tournament organiser, I shall in future try to grab records of unfinished games, before asking an admin to kill the game.

Nick Wedd nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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