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RE : [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS :

> 1. Unable to examine unfinished games.

Yes, it is really a problem for me, too. When it is very important for you to see a specific unfinished game, you can still ask an admin to send you the game. Something automatic would of course be nice.

> 2. No easy way to tell kgsGTP to exit once the current game is finished.

The solution used by tlsBot seems to be the best.
But if you don't want to change your scripts, there is an other solution if your program can restart quickly.
When ever you want to stop after the current game, first change the config file to open=f and opponent=NameOfCurrentOpponent
Then just stop and restart your bot. He will escape the game and come back a second later.
The opponent might be surprised to see the bot escape one second, but I don't think that is a real problem.
A problem can occure if the current opponent opens a game just after the game, and then accept to play the program again. The probability of that event is low. (It never occured for me)

> 3-4 : already discussed 

>  5. Engine isn't able to write a message into the game window.

That would be great for debugging. Maybe it would also be possible for the program to read the messages of the opponent.
For instance, when playing your program on kgs, you would be able to ask him in the chat window things like : "What is status of c3 ?". 
(for the moment my program stores all the status of all the groups in a log file, and it is really painful to have access to a specific information)
Some people would make kibbitzing programs too. I┤m sure that can be funny.

I have one other question : 

6. Bug when the opponent escapes

When an opponent escapes, the program waits five minutes. But then, instead of starting an other game, I get the error message :

LE PLUS FIN: Still an outstanding command, will wait until the system is idle before making a new game.
And the programs doesn┤t make an other game.

Does your program restart automatically a game when the opponent escapes ?



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De: computer-go-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx de la part de Peter McKenzie
Date: jeu. 06/10/2005 03:43
└: computer-go
Objet : [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS
In general I've found KGS a good place to run my computer program. There is
a good range of opponents available and it is very easy to get up and
running with kgtGTP. And of course Nick's monthly tournaments are an added
 There are a few things that are less than ideal though, so here is my
wishlist of things that I'd like changed/fixed (in rough order of priority).
Interested to see what others think.
 1. Unable to examine unfinished games.
  This is a basic restriction of KGS that I find quite annoying. Say I leave
my program running on KGS overnight and go to check up on it in the morning.
I will usually see that it has one or more unfinished games in its history.
I have no way of viewing the unfinished games and therefore no way of
knowing why the games were unfinished. I suspect that the opponent has
usually escaped in a losing position but that is just speculation. It could
have been a scoring dispute for example.
 I realise that this 'feature' is designed to stop cheating but to me the
disadvantages seem to outweigh this factor. A determined person could still
cheat anyway. If it really is undesirable to let the escaper load and view
an unfinished game, then how about at least letting their opponent load the
 2. No easy way to tell kgsGTP to exit once the current game is finished.
 I tend to find myself sitting around waiting for my program to finish a
game before I disconnect it. The problem can be worse if my program is
playing a match vs another program, as they start another game practically
 I'd like to be able to enter a command into kgsGTP (a simple text command)
that would tell kgsGTP to disconnect from KGS once the current game is
 3. Unable to enforce settings when advertising a game.
 Sometimes I leave my program open for rated 19x19 games. When I do this, I
don't want my program to play unrated games. However there is no way (that I
know of) to tell kgsGTP to decline unrated games. I would prefer to be able
to insist upon rated games only.
 4. Engine isn't told the opponent's name.
 I would like kgsGTP to tell the program the name of the opponent. This
would allow my program to write the opponent's name to its log, which would
make it easier for me to track down the appropriate place in the log when I
am diagnosing why the program made a particular move.
 5. Engine isn't able to write a message into the game window.
 I'd like to be able to make my engine write the occasional piece of
diagnostic information to the game window.
 thats all!


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