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[computer-go] 8th KGS Computer Go Tournament

The eighth KGS Computer Go Tournament will be held on Sunday November 6th, starting at 19:00 GMT.

It will be on 9x9 boards, using Chinese rules, with time limits of 13 minutes each sudden death. The format will be two divisions, each being an 8-round Swiss.

For instructions on how to enter, see


(Slight worry:
BST, or British Summer Time, ends a week before this event, so when it happens, Brits like me will be using GMT as our normal time. If I look at http://kgs.kiseido.com/en_US/tournInfo.jsp?id=131 using Mozilla Firebird, or Internet Explorer, it's fine, it says "GMT ... Round 1 will start at 11/6/05 7:00 PM". But if I look at it using Netscape, it says "BST ... Round 1 will start at 11/6/05 7:00 PM". This is irrelevant (BST will not be in use on that date) or wrong (if you insist on using BST when no-one else is, the event will begin at 8:00 p.m. BST) or both. I trust that this is just a bug in Netscape.)
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