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[computer-go] NNGS-1.1.19

NNGS-1.1.19 has been released. (11 Oct 2005)

	NNGS is a goserver. It used to run at nngs.cosmic.org
	nngs-1.x.x is an attempt to keep this code alive.

	Since the sourcecode was put on sourceforge and placed under
	the GPL (in 2002), a lot of effort has been put into getting
	it into shape, and make it easier to install and use.

	NNGS allows you to run a (local) goserver, play go over
	the net with friends, or test your attempts at computergo.

Changes since nngs-1.1.18 (july 2005) :
- chroot() support
- built-in SMTP-mailer (needed by chroot)
- configuration now kept in a file
- UDP-interface (experimental)
- more code cleanup.


Adriaan van Kessel.

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