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[computer-go] Re: [gnugo-devel] Project for gnugo java portingcreated forsourceforge.

I'm not quite clean exactly what you're trying to do here, is it:
a) a function by function port of gnugo from c to java
Porting functionality to get good starting point for java gogame ai.

b) a java program which reuses the gnugo datafiles
That was one target. To use patterns and specially to regression tests to make it functional (release 1.0).
It is kind of midleway goal to get working java gogame ai. OO AI means some
code reductions for orginal c-code and allows faster development in long run.
Low level performance importance degreases and modern ai techniques support importance increases.
(GA/EA student myself).

c) a java program in the spirit of gnugo
Spirit is open-source and GPL is lisence.
Otherway spirit is to make it more modern ai, but I want start something that works.

>On the sourceforge page you mention XML, implying (c). Have you settled on an XML representation?
I am planing game representation, patterns, cocoon/forest documentation, svg generation (like goSVG1-0.xsl), maybe xml db. XML fits for patters documentation very well. 
Java developers needed.
t. Harri

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