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Re: [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS

If I remember right, only newlines have special handling by kgsGtp.  As
far as I know, chat's are limited to a single line so there should be no
  Additionally, if the user doesn't list kgs_talk in it's supported
commands, then nothing will be sent.

Arend Bayer wrote:
I am worried that you are just opening a big can of worm here. Are you
sure that you can keep the chat messages free of special character that
would invalidate the GTP stream? Or there could be a bug in the engine
with the handling of GTP-allowed characters that have never appeared
before, that allows any KGS observer to crash a robot running on KGS.
You may at some point want to allow unicode in user names.
(Ok I won't start about the buffer overflow in the GTP input handling of
my engine that allows a remote exploit via KGS chat :)

I think if you do that, you should at least give a configuration option
to limit the kgs-chat interface to a specified list of KGS usernames.

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