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RE: [computer-go] Storing Spatial Relationships

> > At each point it has the distance to the nearest stone in 
> each of four 
> > directions, and the distance to the two nearest edges.
>    This is exactly the type of stuff that I'm interested in.  For the 
> nearest stone in the four directions, do you restrict that to 
> just the 
> current line with the stone?  Or do you possibly allow neighboring 
> lines?  A knight's jump and many corner approaches are 
> frequently on a 
> neighboring line.

I just keep data along a single line.  I haven't had a need for anything
else.  For move generation I have a pattern database, so there is no need
for this kind of information.  Connections between friendly stones are
handled separately.

I also keep the location of the closest enemy stone to each stone, but again
without a direction.  I can always calculate the direction if I need it.


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