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Re: [computer-go] Storing Spatial Relationships

David Fotland wrote:
What do you mean by spatial relationship?
Locally important features with some form of direction and possibly distance.
What I mean by feature may be context dependent, but a long list of candidates are friendly stones, friendly chains, friendly groups, enemy stones, enemy chains, enemy groups, edges of the board, gain lines, moyos, and probably other stuff that I'm not thinking about...

Many Faces keeps for each string, a list of the adjacent neighbor strings of
opposite color.
For each empty point it keeps lists of adjacent empty points, and adjacent
strings of each color.
That seems typical of what I read about go programs, but I such information tends to lack directional or distance information.

At each point it has the distance to the nearest stone in each of four
directions, and the distance to the two nearest edges.
This is exactly the type of stuff that I'm interested in. For the nearest stone in the four directions, do you restrict that to just the current line with the stone? Or do you possibly allow neighboring lines? A knight's jump and many corner approaches are frequently on a neighboring line.

These are all easy to maintain incrementally.
My hope is that spatial information can be maintained incrementally and provide useful information for tactical readers (and possibly pattern recognition but that'd be a different topic).

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