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Re: [computer-go] Super Ko on KGS ignores player to move

In message <200508141351.46378.drd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, drd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes
I am interested too.

The misconception that most of us have is that Go is a single game.

In fact, it is a class of games with similar rules.   The Go community (in
general) has no real desire to fix this (and probably doesn't consider it
The problem is not only the existence of multiple rule sets. What makes it worse is that the most widely used rule sets (Japanese, and mainland Chinese) say things which they later contradict. I would not be at all surprised if this is also true of Korean, and SST, rule sets.

From what I have heard, if these contradictions are tactfully brought to the attention of the responsible authorities, these authorities concede that they are contradictions, show some surprise that Occidentals think it matters, and move slowly towards fixing the contradictions. I believe that the Japanese 1989 rules contain things put there as a response to Occidental complaints.

And obviously, the Computer Go community has no desire to change, fix or
improve this situation, even for their own use.
I think almost every member of that community has a desire to improve things. This does not add up to a communal desire to make a particular change.

It almost amuses me that we can't even come to agreement on what the actual
rule IS, let alone what it should be.

When I first got into this,  from a newby standpoint,  I was completely
confused by so many rulesets.   I came real close to not getting into this at
all until I happened upon a web site that published the TROMP/TAYLOR set of
rules.   It was like a breath of fresh air.   I believe at the top of the
page is said something like "The logical rules" or something similar.

Wow!  Suddenly it made so much sense.   At the time I thought this will become
the standard because it was so logical.

What a disappointment to find that the computer GO world isn't logical.
I like Tromp-Taylor myself.

Nick Wedd    nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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