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Re: [computer-go] KGS computer Go tournaments - game-end protocol


I'll gladly participate in the test tournament.   I'm not concerned about the 
starting times of the tournament, I can make botnoid ready for any time.

- Don

On Monday 15 August 2005 2:28 pm, Nick Wedd wrote:
> My plan for using the game-end protocol in KGS Computer Go Tournaments
> is as follows:
> (1.)  Get the protocol tested.  This will test the kgsGtp program which
> conveys the commands, the server which handles them, and the bots which
> also handle them.
> (2.)  Once the testing appears satisfactory, start to run the
> tournaments using it.  Urge participating bots to support it.  Do not
> yet rely on its results, but continue to use results which I enter
> manually, when there are disputes at the game stop.
> (3.)  Once the use of the protocol is giving sensible results for almost
> all games in these tournaments, switch to using the results which it
> generates, and cease manual intervention.  (I am less sanguine than most
> members of this list, about how soon that will be.  I look forward to be
> proved wrong.)
> Now, it's time to get on with step 1.  We need to run a test tournament,
> using the beta version of kgsGtp, and running it on the beta server.
> Aloril and kiwiPete have already said that they would like to be
> involved - if anyone else has said this, I apologise for having
> forgotten, please remind me.  I suggest that the test tournament should
>      start at 08:00 UTC (which will suit Aloril, kiwiPete, and me)
>      be on 9x9 boards
>      have fast time settings, probably 5 minutes each sudden death
> Unfortunately I can't set it up on the beta server, William Shubert will
> have to do this.  I suggest early next week.  How does all this suit
> Aloril, KiwiPete, and anyone else who wants to take part?
> There may need to be more than one such test tournament, with the second
> one being at a time suitable for Americans.
> Nick
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