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[computer-go] KGS computer Go tournaments - game-end protocol

My plan for using the game-end protocol in KGS Computer Go Tournaments is as follows:

(1.) Get the protocol tested. This will test the kgsGtp program which conveys the commands, the server which handles them, and the bots which also handle them.

(2.) Once the testing appears satisfactory, start to run the tournaments using it. Urge participating bots to support it. Do not yet rely on its results, but continue to use results which I enter manually, when there are disputes at the game stop.

(3.) Once the use of the protocol is giving sensible results for almost all games in these tournaments, switch to using the results which it generates, and cease manual intervention. (I am less sanguine than most members of this list, about how soon that will be. I look forward to be proved wrong.)

Now, it's time to get on with step 1. We need to run a test tournament, using the beta version of kgsGtp, and running it on the beta server. Aloril and kiwiPete have already said that they would like to be involved - if anyone else has said this, I apologise for having forgotten, please remind me. I suggest that the test tournament should
start at 08:00 UTC (which will suit Aloril, kiwiPete, and me)
be on 9x9 boards
have fast time settings, probably 5 minutes each sudden death
Unfortunately I can't set it up on the beta server, William Shubert will have to do this. I suggest early next week. How does all this suit Aloril, KiwiPete, and anyone else who wants to take part?

There may need to be more than one such test tournament, with the second one being at a time suitable for Americans.

Nick Wedd nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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