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Re: [computer-go] Wishlist for playing programs on KGS

On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 18:29 +0300, Aloril wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 12:02, William M. Shubert wrote:
> > After thinking it over, I have decided that maybe the best solution is
> > one that would give the most flexibility to the engine authors, at the
> > expense of some complexity to them. This solution I'm about to propose
> > is something that has been requested before for other reasons, and it
> > may be useful in general.
> > 
> > My solution:
> >      1. Whenever a user talks to the engine at all, forward the text as
> >         a KGS-specific command. Something like "kgs-chat <username>
> >         <text>"
> What about 2 additions:
> If game opponent talks, then prefix username with @, ie in game between
> Foo-SomeGnu it would be "kgs-chat @Foo hi".
> Reason: Allows chatting with opponent, even if limited.

Good point! Although I don't like the character, other than the first
character of a response, in general it seems that GTP uses space
separated words for multiple pieces of information. Maybe add a word
which indicates where the chat happened? So you would get:
        kgs-chat game Foo hi, I'm saying something in our game
        kgs-chat private Foo hi, I'm talking to you by a private tell

That seems preferable to me to the character since it will fit the rest
of the protocol better.

> After each move by opponent before genmove send empty chat:
> "kgs-chat"
> Reason: Can teach opponent, for example if in game IdiotBot-Newbie
> Newbie fills eye, it could say something like "Not good idea to fill
> your eyes, if you continue that I can capture your group".
> Sometimes really new players do proceed to fill their unconditional
> territories until there is only 1 empty point left.

Having a "teaching robot" that gives tips is exciting, but to do it well
is probably still far beyond the abilities of today's programs...yes,
they could probably notice when somebody fills their own eyes, but could
they do much more?

I'll have to think about that. I'd probably use a different command if I
do it. Maybe "kgs-comment_query" to query for a comment? It seems like
the "kgs-chat" is primarily a way to send messages/commands/queries to
the engine, and it contains information from the opponent, so it would
be best not to mix that with queries to see if the engine has something
to say itself.

> No need to support chat at all for this to work.
> User can just create file quit.flag which existence bot checks when it
> gets clear_board command.

H'mmm, yes. :-) This is probably the very easiest way to do the shutdown
thing, for both the engine authors and myself.

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