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Re: [computer-go] Groups, liberties, and such

On 10/17/05, Jason House <jhouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A true liberty count is only needed for chains with only a few liberties
(less than 4?).  Chains with more liberties are generally assumed stable
and higher order logic is required for an overall group stability.  The
exceptional case of a semai requires much more than conventional liberties.

I think that I'll track pseudo-liberties (since it's just so darn easy),
and calculate actual liberties only when the result can be less than
some fixed value (initially 4).  Actually I may do something as force a
liberty calculation if the pseudo-liberties are less than 10.
In my opinion pseudo-liberties are next to useless. When you put the limit too high you end up doing liberty calculation for the majority of the chains anyway so you gain almost nothing. If you put it too low you'll run into too situations where you make a terrible mistake.

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