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Re: [computer-go] Super Ko on KGS ignores player to move

Mark wrote:
The question is: repetition of what. Obviously repetition of something
you consider the 'state' of the game. PSK considers the state of the
game to be the position of the stones. Don argues you might as well
include the color to move as it's a rather vital piece of information.
Vital for the outcome of continued play, yes.
But as to avoiding repetitive play, it's pretty much redundant,
as the negligable difference of PSK vs SSK in practice shows.

The reason TT rules got to be as concise as they are, is by eschewing
redundancy (as much as possible while preserving the feel of the game,
which e.g. stone scoring would not) and reducing the rules to their
essence. PSK is the natural choice in this light.


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